is our top priority.


Humane raising of horses ist one of our principle since the founding of this agricultural business. We offer an optimal career start to our young horses. On our fields the foals and youngsters can grow up to become healthy and strong. We ensure this through our competencies, appropriate feeding, medical precautions as well as diligent daily controls.
Here you can find promising future talent with the potential to go into the professional sports scene. In the past years our young stallions have been honoured multiple times and can be found in sport stables throughout Europe.

Stables and Fields

Our focus lies on the well-being of the animals. This is why we offer our young horses 24-hour access to our fields for as long as the weather permits it.
In winter our foals and youngsters are given stables to protect them from the unruly weather conditions. This allows us to minimise the risk of injuries.

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